Gertrud & Armin, their children Teresa and Anna, and the Unterpichl team convince with their warm, natural and friendly attitude. Come in and feel at home: here, you'll experience this wonderful feeling from the very first moment. Nothing is superimposed or artificial: each one authentic and real.

Gertrud controls everything in a loving way and is the good soul of the house. She keeps the team together, motivates us, and as a professional from the hotel & catering sector she knows how to fulfil the guests' wishes with culinary delights and delicious fluids. Every day, she decorates the tables with lots of love and creativity with natural materials. Being a host is her nature, just as is her mischievous charm.

Armin loves the mountains. As a certified, experienced and professional hiking guide, he accompanies our guests in the mountains three times a week. During the hikes he will tell you lots of interesting things about flora and fauna. Armin is also a state-certified ski instructor: in winter, he teaches ski beginners the perfect moves. If required, Armin is the man for all situations and helps out where he is needed.

The daughters Teresa and Anna still go to school. When they are off school they love to help out in the hotel and are always around. The hotel is their home.

The Schwienbacher Family is supported by an ambitious team!