Massage with alpine arnica
Arnica oil stimulates circulation, has a cooling effect, increases
performance and supports regeneration of the muscles.
€ 25,00 - 25 min. oder € 42,00 - 50 min.

Massage with marigold
Perfect care for stressed skin.
€ 25,00 - 25 min. or € 42,00 - 50 min.

Massage with alpine lavender
Has a calming effect on body and soul.
€ 25,00 - 25 min. or € 42,00 - 50 min.

"The Stua Massage" – Hot stone
Integral energetic treatment with hot stones. The interchange of hot stones stimulates circulation and the lymphatic flow. Tensions are loosened and the energy reserves are refilled.
€ 65,00 - 70 min.

Reflexology foot massage
Our feet are the mirror of our body and directly connected to our souls. Organs, lymphatic and nervous system are stimulated via the foot sole and influenced in a positive way. Circulation is stimulated, congestions and blockades are loosened, and the energetic system is balanced.
€ 28,00 - 30 min.

Body massage with marmot oil
Marmot oil stimulates circulation, regenerates the skin cells, loosens muscle tensions, and strengthens the immune system.
€ 45,00 - 50 min.